Taylor Swift Vs. Demi Lovato: Ultimate Dance-Off?!

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Taylor Swift Vs. Demi Lovato: Ultimate Dance-Off?!
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Oh man, so there's nothing better than a dance party in a music video, which brings me to Taylor Swift & Demi Lovato -  Man do these girl know how to get down with friends & fans whilst on camera! 'Shake it Off Vs. Really Don't Care" - which dance party do you wish you were a part of?

OK- How jealous are we!? I wanna bust out with Demi and Taylor! I think Taylor would actually really like my dance moves,  so let’s start with her video!

We saw a whooooole lot of sides of Taylor in her new vid for “Shake It Off” but I think my favorite was this one:

Yep, just her going CRAZY with her friends & fans- that's like the funnest thing ever, right? Everyone is shaking it like pros and Taylor's right there with them! I love her so much in this video, but I also love the whole message behind it: people can say some really mean stuff but you just gotta shake it off, huh?

But now onto my prank queen Demi. She surprised fans as they sang the words for her “Really Don’t Care” lyric video and- well, some of the reactions were AMAZING.

Yeah, SO much fun- right? I love the whole idea of it and just think it’s like the coolest thing ever, I mean how awesome would it be to get a surprise like that and get to jam out with Demi!?  Lucky lucky lucky!

OK, so I’m dying to know, who’s dance party video do you wish YOU’D been in!? Talk it out below!

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